My First Program






For my research, I’ve used the data set of the Outlook on Life Survey. It consists of the 2,294 total cases. The target population includes African American, Black, White and other race males and females aged 18 and older. All of them are residing in the United States.

  1. The first question to interest me was “Are you a citizen of the United States?”. Of the total number of respondents, 97,6% are the citizens of the US, and 2% are not. The missing data is 0,3% of the respondents who refused to answer the question.
  2. Another question was “Were you born a United States citizen or are you a naturalized U.S. citizen?”. Of the total number of the valid cases, 94% reported to be born within the US, 4% – to be naturalized, and the 1% refused to answer – the missing data.
  3. For the next question, I’ve chosen the following one “Some people believe that homosexuality is immoral. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this perspective?”. It’s worth noting, that for my research purposes, I only need to include those who chose “Strongly disagree”They make up 23,9%, while 4% skipped the question (the missing data), the rest chose one of the “Strongly agree”, “Somewhat agree”, and “Somewhat disagree” variants.

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